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"Go on an adventurous search for these legendary podcasters and find their secret base."

Already as a kid I've always wanted to know how my C64 games work. I did those BASIC programs in the user's manual and were happy about that now famous  Commodore balloon. But I read in the magazines that the C64 BASIC was crappy and not suitable for games and that the good games are done in assembly.

But as a young non-english speaker and without the internet I didn't find the right resources to teach myself assembly language.

Later I lost my interest in the C64 (and even my Amiga...), had a job and had to do other stuff.

Some time ago the retro wave caught me, like so many others and with the internet I found many good resources to start programming in assembly again.

This game is based on a tutorial (see ingame credits page) and my interest in hearing podcasts. It's a thank you to all small podcasters out there who do it for fun, not for money.

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Published 19 days ago
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Commodore 64, Retro

Install instructions

Use the Commodore 64 emulator of your choice. Tested also on "The 64". This single prg file will automatically start by dragging it to a running VICE.

puzzlebonus.prg includes an additional "hidden" bonus level.


puzzle.prg 13 kB
puzzlebonus.prg 14 kB

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